In The Community

Brookside St. Patrick's Warm-Up Parade

Each spring, our veterinary team looks forward to marching in the Brookside St. Patrick’s Warm-Up Parade.  Staff, family and friends of Noah’s Ark that are not marching in the parade can enjoy the parade from the front lawn of the clinic as the parade passes by.

The 2022 Parade was the 40th annual Brookside Warm-Up Parade.  With the parade being cancelled the two years prior, it felt even more special as all gathered again.  We had a great time hosting a watch party for friends of Noah’s Ark.  In this year’s parade entry, we had a 1952 Green Chevy “Truck of Luck” and a charming little smart car.  All who marched, had on balloon backpacks with many of our furry companions enjoying the parade with us.  Clifford was a favorite with the children along the parade route!

All of us here at Noah’s Ark, always enjoy seeing all our wonderful Brookside neighbors during the parade festivities and look forward to the years to come.