woman holding dog

Laurel Thomas, DVM

Dr. Laurel is a graduate of Kansas State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. She developed interests in dentistry, nutrition and kidney disease. She also volunteered at Native American Reservations to provide veterinary care for underserved populations and advocated for animal welfare to lawmakers in Washington, D.C. Her passion for animal behavior led her to become a Fear Free Certified Professional, learning skills to decrease the stress of veterinary visits for pets and make medicine more enjoyable for the whole family.

“My favorite part of veterinary medicine is seeing the relationship between a pet and owner. It’s a privilege to witness that friendship. I love sharing my knowledge with owners so that we are able to prolong their companionship.”

Dr. Laurel lives in Brookside with her husband Brodie and their longhaired dachshunds, Gustav Daniel & Beto Bongo Bark Obama. She enjoys riding horses, traveling, visiting museums, and eating Indian food.